How to mess up your technical SEO!

Looking at another one of the talks from the recent Learn Inbound full day event, I thought I would share the details of Barry Adams presentation on the day. Barry is SEO consultant with Polemic Digital. He talked about websites that have totally screwed up their technical SEO without even realising it. Here are his top tips – things you need to avoid!


  1. URL Duplication

What is URL Duplication?

It’s when you have one webpage but with 8 different versions as below! Search engines will treat each as a separate page. 


So how to fix this? One piece of content should have one URL. Deep Crawl is a tool that can help identify SEO issues with your website.

No.2 Faceted Navigation Crawl Traps

Lots of options and lots of filters means lots of pages. Barry gave the example of an online shoe website – with sorting and filters it had 7.9million pages!!! for Google to crawl. Google has crawl budgets so it’s best to only get Google to crawl the pages you want rather than waste their time.

No.3 Redirects

A page will lose it’s value the more redirects it has. Every redirect loses a bit of link value – typically 15%.


No.4  Load Speed

 A fast load speed will ensure your website will get the most benefit from its crawl budget ( the amount of time a search engine spider will spend crawling your website before it gives up). You can use a tool called WebPageTest to check your web page load time!

These are Barry’s suggestions for optimising your websites load speed. You should ensure that your website developer incorporates these tips on your site to maximise your crawl budget and thus improve your websites page ranking with the search engine.


No.5  Automatic Country Redirect

 You may have an automatic country redirect setup on your website based on the ip of your visitor, which is fine. The problem is google crawls from american websites, it gets US websites only and if it can’t see it, it can’t rank it!

You can make an exception for a gogglebot user agent and this will correct the issue. 

All of these tips may seem of a very technical nature and they are, which is why it is important to have a good developer build your website from the start. When working with clients that have a website build as part of their digital marketing plans Optimise Marketing work with experienced developers to ensure your website not only performs for your user but also prioritises the needs of search engines.

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