Tips to increase online sales

“As many as 60% of sales are lost to no decision”


What a startling statistic. Brought to you by Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers at Learn Inbounds recent full day conference. So how to overcome buyer inertia? Joanna suggests we need to “go long”.

converting copy on website

So what does that mean? Joanna says that we should all try harder to ‘use our words’.  We are exposed to 5000 marketing messages per day and out of these we generally can only recall 4!! If you want to be within that top 4 you need to stop being average!!! And that means we need to “go longer” with our copy. We need to focus more on the customer problem and delay the product reveal.

Problem – Agitate – Solution – use the PAS Framework.

Words are supposed to create pictures and are supposed to engage our imagination. Joanna suggests that if our copy does not pass the closed eyes test that we should rewrite it until it does.joann-reading

For the full presentation – see the slidedeck below.

So what about you? Have you written copy for your website or blog that is just not converting? Consider perhaps rewriting it using the tips above and review the effect on buyer conversion! Joanna said that in her research in every case the winning copy was 2-3 times as long as the control. Give it a go and use your words!

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