The value of Email Marketing

I constantly talk to clients about the value of email marketing, reaching customers directly, being able to easily analyse data like open rates, click rates and online sales. I’ve been meaning to write a blog on this topic for quite some time. Wolfgang Digital recently released their ECommerce KPI research and unsurprisingly (to me at least), Email Marketing is still outperforming Social Media Channels (all combined!!) for driving website traffic. It’s also the third biggest driver for online revenue behind Google Search and direct web traffic.



Website Speed

The average load time for pages analysed in the report was 6.5 seconds, a lot less than the 2 second recommendation from Google. Increase you website page load speed and you’ll see improvements in conversion!


Who doesn’t want to sell more on their E-Commerce website? Do these recommendations resonate with you? If you’d like help with setting up email databases, templates and campaigns, contact Optimise Marketing, we’d be delighted to help.

This report was covered in an article in The Journal – A 40 year old technology still beats Facebook for getting people to visit websites.  The original report can be read in full here.



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