Communications in Business

Are you communicating effectively?

on mobilesSome time ago I attended the Smart Business Show in the RDS in Dublin. Amongst the many stands and talks/seminars I was impressed by, one presenter really stood out for me. Mostly because she is so experienced, she totally captivated her audience and everything she said made complete sense, she being of course the communications maestro Terry Prone. With the myriad of ways businesses can now communicate with their customer quite often the tendency is to focus on the method or platform we are using rather than what we are actually trying to say. So, to refocus the mind here are her condensed main recommendations for effective communications.

5 Positive Methods of Communication

  1. Shut Up!!! We are great talkers – not great communicators. LISTEN.
  2. Pick your target audience and put one face on it. Personify it! (We use this method all the time when working with clients – customer profiles) THEN pick your medium to reach the people you want to reach .i.e. radio or one of the social media platforms or print etc.
  3. Work out the end result you want.
  4. You need to be 1. Interesting 2. Understandable 3. Memorable. You cannot use jargon. Don’t speak conceptually.
  5. Story is the single most powerful method of communication.

The Dont’s

  1. Do not multitask, the human being in front of you takes priority over everything!
  2. Do not use clichés.
  3. Don’t use Powerpoint.
  4. Don’t buy communication tricks –mirroring for example (it doesn’t work!).
  5. Don’t keep talking after you have stopped communicating.

If you’d like more help with your communications strategy do get in touch we specialise in assisting small and medium sized enterprises with identifying their target audience and  reaching them effectively online.

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