Why your website needs a blog!

Blogging for ecommerce websitesI was doing some research recently when I came across a very interesting article on inc.com that resonated strongly with me and I thought was worth sharing. It’s content focuses not just on the benefits of business blogging but specifically how it can be of value to e-commerce websites. I strongly believe in the value of blogging to educate and inform and to provide value and to establish your authority online. I’ve summarised very briefly below but if you would like to read the full article click on the link 6 Reasons E-Commerce websites need a blog

6 Reasons E-Commerce Websites Need a Blog

1. Blogs are important for SEO to get your content crawled.

2. Inform and (Value) your reader.

3. Address a task or problem readers may have.

4. Answer or start a discussion about a popular question.

5. Share an experience or a relatable story.

6. Structure can make or break a post.

“The Takeaway

When Internet users purchase goods or services online, they care about who they are buying from. A business blog helps to show that your e-commerce site actually values the needs and interests of their clients. In other words, it establishes credibility. Combined with providing valuable information and having your site rank higher to get more traffic, you actually make a presentation that keeps customers wanting to come back for more. Blogging will set your e-commerce site apart from your competitors and with time, building up content may help you advance in a way that serves both your business and customers”.

So what do you think? Have you any stories of how blogging has helped your business?


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