Digital Marketing Strategy – Vouchers available apply now!

Online Trading Vouchers

Online Trading Vouchers

In my last blog post I discussed some recent research on Ireland’s Digital Future and how SMEs had some way to go to improve their digital presence. I’m delighted to say that the government are going to give qualifying SMEs financial help to do just that. Through the network of 31 Local Enterprise Offices around the country the government have extended a pilot programme for Online Trading Vouchers for SMEs and applications are now open throughout the country.

1000 vouchers will be issued up to the end of 2014 with more coming onstream in 2015.  It is matched funding (maximum grant of €2500) and competition for these vouchers will be intense so act now if you are interested in improving your business digital marketing strategy, online advertising, ecommerce website development or upgrade. More information and an application form can be found on the Local Enterprise Website. These vouchers can be used for some of the services provided by Optimise Marketing so if you wish to find out more you can contact me by email on sharon at or give me a call on (087) 2043486.

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3 Responses to Digital Marketing Strategy – Vouchers available apply now!

  1. sally smith says:

    great to meet you thanks for terrific input to our agm sal open sesame

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