Ireland’s Digital Future and what it means for SMEs.

Digital Marketing

Growth of Ireland’s Digital Economy

The Second UPC Report on Ireland’s Digital Future was published yesterday by Amarach Research. It makes for interesting reading for many businesses in Ireland and it’s findings in relation to SMEs in Ireland is particularly absorbing. Did you know that a quarter of Irish companies STILL do not have websites and this equates to 47,000 businesses in the SME sector. It’s particularly interesting to note considering how much research customers do online – even if their final decision is to purchase locally a massive 72% do their research online.

It’s time for SMEs to take their digital presence seriously, if the bullish projections in this research materialise current consumer online spend is set to grow from €5.9billion to €12.7 billion in the next six years. Who doesn’t want to be part of such a strong growth curve? If you have plans to grow your business online I’d strongly encourage you to read through the many findings of this excellent research.

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2 Responses to Ireland’s Digital Future and what it means for SMEs.

  1. Joe Griffin says:

    It would be interesting to know, of the SMEs that DO have a web presence, before ever getting into Conversion Rates etc., how many could answer this simple question: “How many hits has your site had today?” I would proffer that the answer would be equally worrying!

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