Random Acts of Marketing

random acts of marketing

So, I’m going to make a wild assumption here and assume all businesses would like to be consistent with their marketing messaging to ensure they are to the forefront of their customers mind when they are making a purchasing decision – right? Yet many find it difficult to achieve this. Why?

Tactics and not strategy.

I often meet potential clients who say they have tried various tactics to grow their business but they are not getting the results they hoped for! When I ask some questions about their target market, their plans for growth for that market, their goals and their marketing objectives and how they measure these I am often met with vagueness. However, if you haven’t set a measure on success how can you say you’re not getting results.

Often business owners will say they have tried lots of tactics but generally they are not aligned to their audience or their goals. If you are trying lots of tactics to see what will stick you are possibly spreading your resources too thinly and struggling to do anything well.

 Random Act of Marketing – An attempt to grow market share, increase brand awareness, drive revenue or other business benefit that is NOT integrated, can not be easily measured or justified and does not integrate with other marketing and business tactics.1

If this sounds like your business and you’d like to move on from random acts of marketing then here are a few pointers.

Understand your customer

As I work with a lot of businesses in the digital marketing realm I am often met with questions on the “new shiny thing

“should we be on Instagram?”,

“should we be doing live video?”

“what about AI?”

“chat bots?”



“podcasting?” etc, etc, again the tactics before the strategy.

The most important part of the marketing strategy, the starting point for it all is understanding your customer. Do you understand what they want and need? Can you provide your product or service to match these wants and needs and can you do it better than your competitors? We work with clients helping them to develop detailed persona profiles whether they are in B2B or B2C environments. We need this information to properly create assets and content aligned to their target persona’s online activity.

Did you know that 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers go to Google first when they are considering a purchase. Faced with a problem, challenge or choice people google it. B2B buyers conduct up to 12 searches before engaging with a brand and they prefer to go through the majority of the buying process on their own2.  After this they will then evaluate alternatives based on social media or reviews, this happens after they have exhausted all information sources. For customers to notice and consider you, you firstly need to show up in their search results and then your content needs to speak to them, understand their needs and met those needs better than your competitor.

A Plan

By understanding your customer and your market better it makes the development of a plan so much easier. A plan will outline the goals and objectives and the tactics to reach, engage, influence and convert. Doesn’t that sound better than random acts of marketing that you are wasting resources on? A huge benefit of having a plan in place is that you have increased confidence in your choice of tactics, you can measure their performance and you can easily say no to any activity that does not align with your target persona.

STOP DOING RANDOM ACTS OF MARKETING, work with us and get a plan in place to consistently bring new leads and grow your business.Get in touch by email on sharon@optimisemarketing.ie or call 087 2043486.


1. Social Media Today – 15 reasons you need to stop random acts of marketing.
2. Hubspot Ultimate Guide to SEO 2018
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Just a short note today on a topic that has arisen lately. If you are a business owner who struggles to communicate your product or service offering so that your potential client understands how your product/service can benefit them – I offer the following advice – simplify!

simplify verb

It’s not a new or novel idea but it is amazing how complicated some companies can make their communications with their target market. In a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages daily it is vital that you can condense your message so that your customer can understand your offering simply and memorably.

If you are struggling to do this for your business consider you are explaining your proposition to an 8 year old. Do not use industry jargon. Do not describe features, but explain benefits (i.e. that means to you!). Do this succinctly. Time is limited, attention spans are ever shortening. Make your words resonate with your target audience.

In order to simplify:

  • You need to really understand your customers and what they want.
  • You really need to understand your marketplace.
  • You really need to understand your competitors offerings.

If you struggle with doing the above for your business perhaps it’s time for another perspective, a fresh pair of eyes on your brand, your products/services and a plan to move your business forward. At Optimise Marketing we have worked with a wide variety of businesses and industries since 2013 (and long before that too). Get in touch by email on sharon@optimisemarketing.ie or by phone on 087 2043486.



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5th Birthday

Today marks 5 years in business for Optimise Marketing. So, I’ve decided to brush the dust off the blog and share a few insights from being in business for 5 years. I’ve picked my top 5!!! 5th birthday cake


When you are starting out in business everything takes longer than you imagine. So try to work some contingency time into all your plans. Planning is key to success if you want to grow your business.


There are so many amazing business brains out there that have been through this all before and can help you navigate whatever particular obstacle you are currently facing in trying to grow your business. In the past year the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith particularly resonated and helped me look at some areas of my life and business differently.


Woah!! This is huge, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have the right mindset about your business. Creating and growing a business is hard, you can face many trials and setbacks and it can be really tough to remain positive sometimes. It’s very important to ensure you put in place supports to keep you going when things get tough. Having a mentor or coach can provide you  with a sounding board, discuss challenging aspects of your business and keep you focused on achieving your business goals particularly when it feels difficult. There’s a phrase – everything seems impossible until it’s done, with help, it becomes so much easier.


You need to get out and discuss your business with other people. There are so many benefits beyond the most obvious potential for new sales. It will help you hone your sales pitch and help you improve your business by learning from others. It can help improve your confidence and make new friends who are potentially going through similar business issues to yourself. You might even have fun! I am a member of various business networks and through them I now have an informal network of friends who meet over coffee to get out of our businesses occasionally but also to discuss in an informal way some areas of business that we know these people understand and can help us with and vice versa – it’s also great to be able to help others with your experience!

Nurture your clients:

Without your clients you do not have a business, so, look after them. One of the main reasons clients switch to competitors is not cost related it has more to do with indifference. If you aren’t being proactive enough with communication they may feel neglected. Set client expectations clearly and occasionally surprise them with small acknowledgements of their business. They’ll reward you with their loyalty.

Ok, that’s 5 – I could do lots more and I haven’t even mentioned digital marketing. I hope some of the above are useful to you in growing your business, last thing, do remember to celebrate the wins!!! I’m taking that to heart and I’m off to celebrate now with some cake!!!

P.S. Couldn’t help myself. I can’t finish and not mention that I work with businesses who need additional help with creating a digital marketing strategy for their business. Have a look at the process and see if it’s something that could help you move your business forward this year.


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How to mess up your technical SEO!

Looking at another one of the talks from the recent Learn Inbound full day event, I thought I would share the details of Barry Adams presentation on the day. Barry is SEO consultant with Polemic Digital. He talked about websites that have totally screwed up their technical SEO without even realising it. Here are his top tips – things you need to avoid!


  1. URL Duplication

What is URL Duplication?

It’s when you have one webpage but with 8 different versions as below! Search engines will treat each as a separate page. 


So how to fix this? One piece of content should have one URL. Deep Crawl is a tool that can help identify SEO issues with your website.

No.2 Faceted Navigation Crawl Traps

Lots of options and lots of filters means lots of pages. Barry gave the example of an online shoe website – with sorting and filters it had 7.9million pages!!! for Google to crawl. Google has crawl budgets so it’s best to only get Google to crawl the pages you want rather than waste their time.

No.3 Redirects

A page will lose it’s value the more redirects it has. Every redirect loses a bit of link value – typically 15%.


No.4  Load Speed

 A fast load speed will ensure your website will get the most benefit from its crawl budget ( the amount of time a search engine spider will spend crawling your website before it gives up). You can use a tool called WebPageTest to check your web page load time!

These are Barry’s suggestions for optimising your websites load speed. You should ensure that your website developer incorporates these tips on your site to maximise your crawl budget and thus improve your websites page ranking with the search engine.


No.5  Automatic Country Redirect

 You may have an automatic country redirect setup on your website based on the ip of your visitor, which is fine. The problem is google crawls from american websites, it gets US websites only and if it can’t see it, it can’t rank it!

You can make an exception for a gogglebot user agent and this will correct the issue. 

All of these tips may seem of a very technical nature and they are, which is why it is important to have a good developer build your website from the start. When working with clients that have a website build as part of their digital marketing plans Optimise Marketing work with experienced developers to ensure your website not only performs for your user but also prioritises the needs of search engines.

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Tips to increase online sales

“As many as 60% of sales are lost to no decision”


What a startling statistic. Brought to you by Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers at Learn Inbounds recent full day conference. So how to overcome buyer inertia? Joanna suggests we need to “go long”.

converting copy on website

So what does that mean? Joanna says that we should all try harder to ‘use our words’.  We are exposed to 5000 marketing messages per day and out of these we generally can only recall 4!! If you want to be within that top 4 you need to stop being average!!! And that means we need to “go longer” with our copy. We need to focus more on the customer problem and delay the product reveal.

Problem – Agitate – Solution – use the PAS Framework.

Words are supposed to create pictures and are supposed to engage our imagination. Joanna suggests that if our copy does not pass the closed eyes test that we should rewrite it until it does.joann-reading

For the full presentation – see the slidedeck below.

So what about you? Have you written copy for your website or blog that is just not converting? Consider perhaps rewriting it using the tips above and review the effect on buyer conversion! Joanna said that in her research in every case the winning copy was 2-3 times as long as the control. Give it a go and use your words!

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The value of Email Marketing

I constantly talk to clients about the value of email marketing, reaching customers directly, being able to easily analyse data like open rates, click rates and online sales. I’ve been meaning to write a blog on this topic for quite some time. Wolfgang Digital recently released their ECommerce KPI research and unsurprisingly (to me at least), Email Marketing is still outperforming Social Media Channels (all combined!!) for driving website traffic. It’s also the third biggest driver for online revenue behind Google Search and direct web traffic.



Website Speed

The average load time for pages analysed in the report was 6.5 seconds, a lot less than the 2 second recommendation from Google. Increase you website page load speed and you’ll see improvements in conversion!


Who doesn’t want to sell more on their E-Commerce website? Do these recommendations resonate with you? If you’d like help with setting up email databases, templates and campaigns, contact Optimise Marketing, we’d be delighted to help.

This report was covered in an article in The Journal – A 40 year old technology still beats Facebook for getting people to visit websites.  The original report can be read in full here.



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